I came across ALLOWLIST in 2020 after finding their content on LinkedIn. It very much resonated with me as they focus on security and I knew I had to get involved with the work they were doing.

At ALLOWLIST you search, compare, and engage with leading cyber security companies. It is a trusted, checked, and customer reviewed community of cyber security and data protection companies. Whether is be GDPR compliance, Penetration testers or Website hosting.

We are proud to be listed in their directory.

ALLOWLIST have been so impressed with our offering, they moved their website from GoDaddy Pro to us.

Now, I am all about making websites fast and I love seeing improvements when we migrate websites. Before the migration, to say it was slow, is an understatement. Averagely the site loaded in 4 seconds.

I should point out, that this test is timing the long way round. That means that we test the time to go http://www.allowlist.io to https://allowlist.io. That said, this should not take this amount of time.

I was quite excited to see what results would be after the migration, but as with all migrations it takes time to make sure everything is right before the DNS is changed. So, after changing the DNS locally and checking the website over – I was happy to go live.

Well, that made me happy! What a difference – the test is the same and to see the graph fall to the floor made my job worth it. Let us have a look at a full 24 hour period.

There is some key information here which highlights what Codo Digital can offer.

The average response time has gone from 4 seconds to 0.5 seconds and the network speed has gone from 57KB per second to 415KB per second.

Shortly after the migration was completed, Codo Digital was featured in their announcement video.