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ALLOWLIST moves their hosting to Codo Digital

I came across ALLOWLIST in 2020 after finding their content on LinkedIn. It very much resonated with me as they focus on security and I knew I had to get involved with the work they were doing. At ALLOWLIST you search, compare, and engage with leading cyber security...

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What is a Content-Security-Policy (CSP)?

In short, a Content Security Policy whitelists sources of approved content, you can prevent the browser from loading malicious assets. Why is a Content Security Policy important? This is the first line of defence to protect your site should the worst happen. It will...

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Codo Digital Join ALLOWLIST

We are proud to have joined ALLOWLIST the online cyber security directory and get to be a member of THE LIST as a preferred supplier for cyber security and data protection. Our clients can take comfort in knowing that we have been vetted, our certifications and...

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