Why code when GoDaddy isn’t the daddy anymore

When starting up my business and requiring a website like many other people the first place I went to was GoDaddy. The costs were attractive. Let’s be honest, that was only the driver. After about six months of running my website on GoDaddy I realised that I needed a little bit more. If I could get that more, for a similar cost then that was the ideal.

High Table is a website that is fundamentally an online store. That online store sells information security templates to businesses around the globe 24/7. Demand and traffic are high, performance is a fundamental. I just wasn’t seeing the performance with my current provider, and I had little to no control over it. 

It soon became apparent that I needed a world class hosting solution with 24-hour availability and the support of someone who knew what they were doing.

For me it was a no brainer to speak to Mark at Codo Digital and explore how they might be able to help.

Mark got it straight away. He fully understood my needs and was able to offer something in line with my GoDaddy costs but with so much more targeted at what I needed. 

It was one of the best decisions I ever made to move the High Table website from GoDaddy to Codo Digital.

Within the first week I saw significant performance increases that positively impacted on the website SEO, that positively impacted on the ranking of my site, that directly led to more visits and that directly led to more sales. A clear Return on Investment. 

The challenges that I presented to Codo Digital were

  • To support my global sales from countries ranging across the US, Europe, Middle East, and Australia
  • To support my efforts to maintain a Google page insight score of over 97 on both mobile and desktop
  • To ensure fast response times that were less than one second and ideally in the low milliseconds

It was great that Codo Digital were able to step up to the plate and provide me with a service that fully met my needs and exceeded those expectations.

Six months in and the site goes from strength to strength, performance maintains at the highest level, with 100% uptime and availability baked in.

Stuart Barker is an ISO 27001 practitioner at High Table. He has been in information security for over 20 years. Today he is making information security templates available to business.