We have a proven record of 100% uptime.

Our three tier network consists of a leased line from BT providing super fast network and super reliable. We have a further 2 4G networks providing failover network access to our multiple servers. If a server goes offline due to any reason, the backup server takes control.

What is uptime?

Uptime is what hosting companies refer to as either the expected availability or the past performance availability of their network. It is normally referred to as a percentage.

What is downtime?

Quite simply, downtime is when your website is no longer available on the Internet. There can be many reasons for this and I’ll use this post to explore a few of these.

Why do websites have downtime?

Websites normally have downtime when the network or the server needs to be restarted. These restarts are necessary in order to update software and apply security patches.

Can we actually achieve 100% uptime.

Yes, 100% means 100%.

The monitoring that we have in place will instantly move your site to another server when an issue is detected.

All hosting companies that I’ve come across cannot guarantee 100% uptime. A figure you’ll often see is 99% or even 99.99%. Seeing something like this should make you think. Why can’t you offer 100%?

I expect this is down to relying on third parties, such as CloudFront or hosting off site. Services like CloudFront or CloudFlare are great, however if they have an issue – so does your website.

Here at Codo Digital the only third party we use is for DNS, which is provided by one of the biggest tech companies in the world and has redundancy built in.

Our servers are in house, our leased line in provided by BT end-to-end which is the same network used by the Ministry of Defence and Emergency Services. A network you can truly rely on for connectivity.

Our network is backed up with 4G failover and power failover to ensure 100% uptime.