Base Package

Our base WordPress package includes a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate as standard.


Managed Service

Let us look after your updates. We’ll update your plugins and themes for you.


100% Availability

Replicate your website to another server to avoid your website becoming unavailable to your customers.


Annual SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is good, but having renewals every 90 days can cause issues. Upgrade to an annual SSL certificate for less hassle.


Virtual CPU’s

Increase the processing power available to your website.


Email Addresses

Get your own branded email address @yourcompanyname.com hosted by Google giving you access to a suite of online apps.


On-Call Support

Between 9am – 4pm


Extended On-Call Support

Between 8am – 8pm


Content Security Policy

Further harden your website against malicious code by only allowing trusted content.


Assets Power Pack

Using a cookie-free domain to host your images and other assets can speed up your site. We’ll also use Brotli to compress everything including your HTML.


Scheduled Meetings

Choose the number of hours per month you’d like to discuss about anything really.

Total: £15  + VAT per month