Base Package

Experience the power and reliability of our shared WordPress hosting, featuring SSL security and a Web Application Firewall with OWASP protection as standard. Enjoy robust security that shields your site from common threats, while benefiting from cost-effective resources on our optimised shared servers.


Brotli Compression

Supercharge your website’s loading speed with advanced Brotli compression technology, delivering lightning-fast performance and enhanced user experience.



Stay ahead of the curve with the cutting-edge HTTP/3 protocol, offering unparalleled speed, security, and reliability for your website.


Assets Power Pack

Turbocharge your website’s performance by leveraging a cookie-free domain for hosting your images and assets. Our intelligent system automatically compresses your images using the cutting-edge WebP and AVIF format, resulting in significantly reduced file sizes without compromising quality. By combining the power of a cookie-free domain and WebP/AVIF compression, your website will experience lightning-fast load times, improved user satisfaction, and enhanced SEO performance. Deliver an unparalleled browsing experience to your visitors while saving bandwidth and server resources.


Content Security Policy

Elevate your website’s security to the next level with our Content Security Policy, ensuring only trusted content is executed and protecting against malicious code injection.


Dedicated Instance

Elevate your website’s performance and security with our Dedicated Instance hosting, providing you with an exclusive server environment tailored to your specific needs and ensuring optimal resource allocation for your website.


100% Availability

Guarantee your website’s uninterrupted availability by leveraging our seamless replication technology, ensuring your customers can always access your site without disruption.


Scheduled Meetings

Invest in your website’s success with our customisable meeting packages, allowing you to select the number of hours per month to discuss strategy, improvements, and any other topics that matter to you.

Total: £15  + VAT per month