The focus to remove the reliance of third parties and avoid any other internet outage issues is here…

The words “Internet Outage” are not words we utter often. In fact – in this advanced day and age – they are words that we should never have to utter and yet, here we are.

Well, the outrageous prospect of an internet outage actually happened and in its wake knocked out many large scale businesses such as Amazon, PayPal, Reddit, and Twitch clean out. Nothing. Nada. Kaput. Computer says no.

The loading error brought the internet to a bit of a standstill and although rectified, it was highlighted that certain locations across Europe and the US were really affected. It also showcased the significant loss in terms of customers that was experienced by these large companies who rely heavily on their web host being stable and safe with little down time.

It boils down to the simple fact – the longer a website is dealing with an outage, the more likely they are to be losing potential sales. This is NOT good practice.

This major outage has made us think. 

Something like this can never happen again. You need to trust your website provider, you need to know that even though the fragility of the web is real, you’re in the hands of a provider that offers a fully managed and highly secure web hosting service, complete with off-site hourly back-ups. 

Oh hello, we think our ears are burning!

Are you searching for a website host which guarantees no downtime? Maybe you were affected by the outage this month, and have become unhappy with your website host performance? Whatever your reason for wanting to switch it up, you have landed in the right spot. 

Here at Codo Digital we’re passionate about creating lightning fast, responsive and high-performing websites that won’t ever let you down. 

How do we help with all things hosting, migration and super quick API?

Firstly, we are Cyber Essentials accredited, this means the websites we create are super safe and protected from cyber-attacks. 

We also don’t rely on third parties, we’re able to do that thanks to an investment in a BT leased line that provides a 20ms connection time UK wide. On top of that we offer an industry-leading 100% uptime guarantee (something we’re very proud of!) and a failover 4G network to help provide a backup network if needed.

Additionally, as we’re a bunch of professional web developers, we provide creative web design services and we can help with website migration services. So whatever you’re in the market for when it comes to making your website the best it can be, we’ve got you covered. 

Oh and here’s a little tip from us: stay clear of online web builders – Google isn’t a fan of them and a fully optimised website is what you need and what your business deserves to succeed.